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The Bible Fellowship Net Affirmation

The purpose of the Bible Fellowship Net is to promote Christian fellowship among Amateur Radio operators through studying the Bible, presenting to all listening a testimony to God's saving grace. It's principles are that it will be a net open and welcoming all, affiliated with no particular denomination, restricting its studies solely to God's Word, the Holy Bible, and tempering its conversa-tion with that which honors Christ and His presence in the hearts and daily affairs of men and women.
It's program is structured.  Bible study is conducted on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Prayer requests and items for praise are shared on Tuesdays; passages from “Our Daily Bread” are shared on Thursdays; coming Sunday School lessons are shared on Saturdays (6:30 a.m.).  All of the above are on 3875 kHz, LSB.
The Sunday lessons are topical, based on the International Bible Lesson series for Christian teaching used by many churches and the military chaplaincy.  The week day study texts constitute a verse-by-verse study of selected books of the Old and New Testaments.
BFN procedures are disciplined.  Each session has a designated Net Control Station (NCS) who directs it's activity and establishes a round-table order of comment.  More than one study group is formed when eight or more stations are present.  The NCS calls for the session to be opened and closed with prayer, the lesson text read and visitors acknowledged.
There is no designated teacher for the study sessions.  All present share in identifying the content of the passage or topic under study, each out of experience sharing conclusions, comments, and questions.
The Bible Fellowship Net has no formal structure or organization.  Its Manager is "He Who is head over all things" (Ephesians 1:22).  A directory of BFN stations is available on request.  A monthly newsletter, the BFN Monitor, is sent without charge to all stations present one or more times during the previous month.