Doc Holliday WB4QIZ

Dr. Deryl "DOC" Holliday WB4QIZ and wife Ruth

Born  in  the  land  of  longleaf  pine  trees  of  Moore  County,  NC,  I  was  born again  at the  age  of  twelve.   


Reading  St.  John,  one  night,  a  black  woman  who  lived  in  our  home and helped lead  me  to  Christ.  


The  Spirit  of  God  entered  my  life  ina  dramatic  way  leading  me  to  know that 

God  had  called  me  to  serve  Him.  During  a  Billy  Graham  crusade  in Raleigh,  NC,  

I made  a  public  profession  of  faith  in  Jesus  Christ.    

After  graduating  from  NC  State,  and  teaching  school  in  Baltimore  County,  

while  serving  in  a  local  church,  I  rededicated  my  life  to  follow  Christ,  no matter the  sacrifice.   

 One  early  morning  in  January  1966,  God  said  to  me,  “Deryl,  I  want  you  to  preach  the  gospel.”


Finishing  Southeastern  Baptist  Theological  Seminary  twice  and  for  forty-five years old,  I  was a  pastor,  preacher,  made  disciples,  and  equipped  others  for the  work of the  ministry.  (Ephesians  4)    God  gifted  me  with  the  ability  to  share  my  faith  in many  ways  through  revivals,  mission trips,  and  training  opportunities.


Matthew  28:19,20  became  my  life  verses  in  reaching  others  for  Christ.    

Hebrews  11:6:  “Without  faith,  it  is  impossible  to  please  God,”  is the verse that helped  me  to  live  a  life  of  faith.  Galatians  2:20  is  my  favorite  verse.  

Ruth  has  been  by  my  side  during  the  last  fifty-eight  years.    

Her  commitment  to  Christ,  through  music,  helped  bless  the  ministry  in  the churches.  

God  blessed  us  with  four  children,  twelve  grandchildren,  and  three 


For  the  last  six  years,  I  have  been  a  volunteer  Christian  counselor  with  

the  Billy  Graham  Evangelistic Association,  through  the  website:

I  have  witnessed  God  leading  people  from  many  places  in  the  world  to  my computer.    Through  His  grace,  many  have  come  to  know  Christ  as  Savior.  

Joining  the  Bible  Fellowship  Net,  in  March  of  1971,  introduced  me  to  many  other disciples.    It’s  a fellowship  that  continues  to  add  members  to  take  the  place  of those  who  move  on  for  whatever  reason.    We  are  not  only  a  fellowship  of believers,  but  we  witness  to  the  saving  grace  of  Jesus  Christ.