ESTABLISHED September 4, 1970



Tribute to founders

Pictured is K3EC, Hugh, one of the Co-Founders of the BFN,

This is an excerpt from the K3EC log ( then W3QCW ) from August 23-31, 1970 showing contacts with the “Sunday Morning Bible Study Group” on 3873 kHZ 8/23 comprising GLEN W8RLR, JERRY VE3BLM, BOB HOUSER WB4IRA, MIKE CATER  W4WC, DON W2DQL, JERRY VE3BLM AND DICK HAXTON WA3IVB.  

This was the core of what became the Bible Fellowship Net.”  According  to Hugh’s log:  “Session #1 4 Sept. 1970  Text: 1 John 1:1-4 W3QCW, W8RLR, W4PVL  (VE3AX came in to say hello)   0614-0656 


A Brief history of the BFN

 Historically speaking, "The  purpose  of  the  Bible  Fellowship  Net  is  to  promote  Christian  fellowship  among Amateur  Radio  operators  through  studying  the  Bible,  presenting  to  all  listening,  a  testimony  to  God's  saving grace."

 Hugh  Pettis (now  K3EC)  said,  "On  September  4,  1970,  the  first  weekday  Bible  study  session  on  3875  kHz was  inaugurated  by  W8RLR (Glenn),  W4PVL (Claude),  and  W3QCW (Hugh)  with  a  Godspeed  from  VE3AX.

 Although  the  origins  of  the  witness  3875  reach  back  15  years  through  the  Sunday  sessions  with  W4WC  and WA3PPH,  and  the  name  "Bible  Fellowship  Net"  wasn't taken  until  this  past  April,  perhaps  for  convenience and  a  time  of  rejoicing  September  4th  can  be  viewed  as the  anniversary  of  the  BFN."

 The  BFN  from  the  beginning  has  been  a  time  of  fellowship  in  God's  Word,  and  it  is  a  witness  to  those  who listen.      Hams  found  the  BFN  by  merely  tuning  across  3875  and  heard  hams  sharing  God's  Word.    

(Of course,  members  of  the  BFN  told  their  friends.)  

The  first  year  of  operation,  65  stations  found  the  BFN  and

made  a  total  of  1,395  check-ins  for  Bible  study.

Hugh  continued  by  saying  in  Monitor  No.  11:  

"Some  of  the  calls,  now  inactive,  will  give  us  cause  to  rejoice  in remembering  their  warm  and  valued  presence.  Others  give  cause  for  prayer  that  the  sown  seed  has  not been  entirely  snatched  by  birds  or  withered  in  shallow  soil.    Some,  needing  no  introduction,  can  be  lifted before  the  Lord  in  thanksgiving  for  their  faithful  labors  in  this  tiny  corner  of  His  harvest."      

In  thinking  back over  the  years,  this  same  quote  applies.

Each  year,  for  the  past  47  years,  BFN hamfests  were  held  in the  North  and  South.    Radio  stations  were  set  up  at each  location.    The  more  active  hams  attended  with  their spouses.  This  was  a  grand  time  to  get  to  know fellow  hams  and  their  spouses.    It  was  a  surprise  sometimes  to  see  what  we  looked  like  in  person.      

During the  hamfest,  we  had  meals  together,  took excursions, shared  testimonies,  heard  guest  speakers,  took pictures, worshipped  together,  and  experienced  a  ham equipment auction.    It  is  an  exciting  time  having  a  first "eyeball."    

God  has  led   a  vast  array  of  personalities to  the BFN, ranging from  those  gifted  in  the  fields  of  science,  engineering, the  arts, patent holders, teachers, labors, farmers and even beekeepers. Blessings  without  number  embrace  the  radio  waves  that are transmitted  to  each  other.  


In  the past  few  years,  with propagation  at  some  of  its lowest points,  and  with  Remote  Hams  software,  hams have  joined  in from  Israel  to  California.   Some  members do not  use  a  remote. Many  long for  the  old  days  of  using their  ham  radios.   

While some,  some  still  only use their radio, propagation  is  never a  problem when using  a  remote base.

A  BFN  website  was  established  ten  years  ago. A wealth of information  is  now  available on the BFN website: including: the daily  Bible  studies, member testimonies, Christian resources, why  the  BFN  exists and more.    

Hams  and  others  can  search  the  website  and  contact  a

member  with  a  comment  or  question  by  going  to

As  we  approach  the  48th  anniversary  of  the  BFN, September  4th,  we  can  say  with  the  Psalmist,  

"O  give thanks  unto  the  Lord;  call  upon  his  name:  make  known  his  deeds  among  the  people."  (Ps  105.1)    As  God

has  led  hundreds  of  hams  to  find  the  BFN,  He  will  still  do  so  as  long  as  we  are  glorifying  His  name  through

our  witness  and  obedience  to  His  word.    

"Has  the  LORD  redeemed  you?  

Then  speak  out!  Tell  others..."  (Ps 107:2)      

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