ESTABLISHED September 4, 1970



Please take the time to navigate our site and discover what a difference God can make in your life when you know him personally and begin each day with HIM, as we do, with our morning Bible study, fellowship, praise and prayer.

Though our members represent many different churches and denominations, 

we all share some common beliefs. 

1. Almighty God created us to have fellowship with Him and each other.

2. God reminds us in ROMANS that we are all sinners.

3. God cannot tolerate sin and the penalty for sin is death and eternity in hell.

4. God allowed his only son, Jesus Christ to pay the full penalty for our sin.

5. Nothing that we could ever do ourselves would ever get us to heaven. 

Only by repenting of our sin, accepting God's unconditional free gift and  putting our faith in Christ, can we experience true peace happiness and purpose in life.

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Welcome to the Bible Fellowship Net

Welcome to the Bible Fellowship Net